Fun facts!
 We are a licensed outpatient obstetric health care facility
(same licensure category as an ambulatory surgical facility)

 Years in operation: 2.5
 Overall cesarean rate: 6.17% (6/13 to 1/16)
vs. Hospitals: St. Elizabeth, 36.5%, Northside 28.5% (2014 data)

 % of mothers transfer to the hospital in labor: 18%
 % of mothers who transfer to the hospital and have a vaginal birth: 66%
% of mothers who transfer to the hospital and have same nurse-midwife caring for them both at the birth center and at the hospital: 99.4%
 % of babies transferred to the hospital: 2%
 % of babies with 5 minute Apgar less than 7: 0.7%
 # of mothers who have used our birth center for 2 births: 8 (and many more repeats expecting this year!)

Ever wonder what kind of people choose a birth center? We’ve had a family practice physician, a pediatrician, a dentist, lawyers, chiropractors, registered nurses (many!), professors, and people from all walks of life!

Welcome to the Mahoning Valley Birth Center, the area’s first and only freestanding birth center! 

Our beautiful facility and supportive staff are available to all expectant families who desire a peaceful, natural, out-of-hospital birth.

Our experienced  nurse-midwives and RN’s are dedicated to supporting your choices, such as eating and drinking, moving about in labor, and giving birth in any position you choose.  We provide the continuous labor support that can make all the difference in achieving the un-medicated birth you desire.  We are the only facility in the tri-county area to offer luxurious tubs where you can immerse yourself during labor, or have the water birth of your dreams.

We offer an alternative to the hospital that is much like a home birth, and we strive to keep birth natural and free of interventions.  However, we are prepared to handle the emergencies that sometimes happen during childbirth.  Our experienced staff  is fully trained in emergency procedures and our facility is equipped with IV’s, medications, and resuscitation equipment should the need arise .  We are located in close proximity to the hospital and our midwives have privileges at the hospitals so there is seamless transfer to a higher level of care when necessary.

We are located off  I-80 and SR 11, offering easy access to families from Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana Counties.

Come and visit us!  We would love to show you what we’re all about!